1997 Bryant Family Cabernet Sauvignon – A cult wine

If I look at my track record when it comes to the cult wines from Napa Valley, I had my fair share of Screaming, Harlan, Dalla Valle and so forth. Bryant Family however, is a wine I rarely tasted and drunk even more seldomly. Nonetheless I was happy to have the opportunity yesterday to not only taste but to actually imbibe a few steady glasses! This is a style of wine that´s rather massive in its youth, loved by some, criticised by others, however most great wines need 15-20 years to really show what they´re all about. What struck me the most here was its impeccable balance, nuance and finesse. Aromatically more nuanced than intense, yet with so many layers of inky dark fruit, those fragrant cassis and sage notes with perfectly integrated oak and a light toastiness with the approaching mature truffle and earth notes. The palate showed a great concentration with massive amounts of super refined tannins and that texture is something that only the greatest wines can display, apart from its sheer power, all those layers, that magnificent length and extremely persistent finish. This stayed on my palate for minutes and it´ll linger in my mind forever. A tremendous wine well worth its legendary status.