1970 Vega Sicilia – the stuff of dreams!

2022 was a year when I was lucky to taste an amazing array of great wines. Illustrious bottles and plenty of legends. However, the most impressive one, even when flanked by remarkable wines like Petrus and Latour, is the Vega Sicilia Unico 1970. Despite the perfection of the aforementioned wines we´ve had on several occasions, Vega is just coming from another planet. As much as it is hard to define perfection in a wine- that is a darn perfect wine. First of all showing an impeccable purity after all these years. Secondly showing such richness and power with an amazingly smooth texture yet getting grip from a wealth of super refined tannins. And what really makes the difference between a good wine and a freaking great wine – PERSONALITY! There are so many clean and correct well-made wines out there, yet the last part often missing to the great dismay of uncomprehending wine makers, is that style and personality that Vega confidently has! Such an exoticism with its wonderful spiciness, the fine balsamic notes and its seducing massive fruit. Not to talk about its never-ending finish, a wine which virtually grabs you and doesn´t let go! The very stuff of dreams!