1999 Meursault Coche Dury – Genius in the bottle

I´m not a genius! But if someone would serve me Meursault from Coche-Dury blind, I would certainly nail it! And that´s not because of my own tasting abilities, rather the genius in the bottle and the genius that made the wine! I always say to my students that the difference between a good and a great wine is personality and style. There are millions of fresh, fruity, clean and correct wines that I´d happily drink. Yet, I can´t hide my affection for the finer things in life such as this precious bottle. First of all, a producer basically devoid of any premox * issues. I happily confess that I don´t dare to age most white burgundies longer than 5-6 years anymore. However, I kind of like them young too so let´s not be nostalgic about the good old days! Oh my lord! What a richness on the nose, the distinct gunpowder, the ripe yet fresh fruit, the toasted hazelnuts, the fine butter, the stylish oak! The palate offering such power, yet remaining bone dry and flinty with its signature tremendous length. Easily a wine performing on a Grand Cru level. There´s a bunch of great white burgundies made more or less in the Coche school, yet there´s something about Coche which remains magical!