2012 Château Trotanoy – A very complete wine

I have quite a few collector friends. Most of them are collectors rather than drinkers. I like them and I truly understand their obsession with buying the best of the best and occasionally excelling with trophy bottles at prestigious dinners. I´m far from a collector, I surely have a decent cellar but, I would firstly address myself as a modest sommelier, good wine drinker and passionate wine lover.I don´t only look for perfect wines, I look for wines that are perfect to drink today! One of these wines, that I tasted and drank quite a few times recently is 2012 Trotanoy! A benchmark wine that would divide me from my collector friends! I absolutely devour it as its first quality is to be complete! There´s nothing to complain about, not too much oak, not too much fruit, nor alcohol, nor other hard edges! It boasts a remarkable harmony with a nuanced and layered nose showing discreet dark fruit, mild oak underneath, and a fine layered spiciness. On the palate its broad and silky, I mean there´s a serious bunch of tannin there, but, so refined, integrated and silky adding such freshness, mouth feel and lift. And the finish – lingering, harmonious with all parts in place. This is exactly the kind of wine I like to buy and drink myself. After ten years it´s displaying a first whiff of mature complexity yet with generous fruit and the elegant power of youth. My collector friends wouldn´t buy it because it´s not as good as 2009, 2010, 2015 or 2016! They´re kind of right, those are slightly better wines but to repeat myself – I’m first and foremost a wine drinker and this is very close to perfection! Without speaking about its relative quality price ratio that is! A very complete wine!